High School Students are invited to write salutes to veterans, earn the chance to win prize money for themselves and their classroom

Each year, Honoring America’s Veterans recognizes four high school students for writing about veterans.  We select one winner from each grade in 9-12.  Winning Essay students receive cash prizes, the opportunity to ride in the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade, obtain memorabilia from the event and the winning entries’ teachers receive $150 to use in their classrooms.

In a winner’s words:

Jessica Talitha Warren of Etz Chaymin Academy was the 11th-grade winner in the 2021 Essay Competition.

Talitha wrote that she believes it’s important to honor and recognize veterans because they “have sacrificed their lives for the safety of our country so that citizens can live with freedom and peace.

Talitha’s personal hero is her father, a retired Sergeant First Class from the US Army who served two combat tours in Iraq.

“He is always there for me and helps me to become stronger. He sacrificed himself to defend our country, and I think that is so honorable. I admire my dad’s hardworking and upstanding qualities of always helping those in need and standing for what’s right.”

She says she is inspired to write by her mother, who taught her how to write at a young age. She dreams of becoming a registered nurse, joining the Navy, and using her skills to serve her country.

As the parade celebrates its 26th Anniversary this year, the theme for the parade and the essay contest is: “Liberty, Honor, Sacrifice.”

This year’s Phoenix Veterans Day Parade Essay Competition for high school students is open through Sept. 20.

Details and link to entry page: https://honoringamericasveterans.org/essay-competition/

Phoenix Veterans Day Parade

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