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At Honoring America’s Veterans, our goal is simple. We strive to honor and recognize our veterans through community events.

With the financial support of our community members and corporate sponsors, we host a signature event, the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. Tens of thousands gather each year on Veterans Day to give thanks and recognition to those who have nobly defended our freedoms. Moving forward, we hope to host more honor and recognition events as we say “Thank You Veterans.”

“At Honoring America’s Veterans, our goal is simple.
We strive to honor and recognize our veterans through community events. It’s our way of
saying thank you to them for their sacrifices to defend our freedoms.”

Brian Ishmael, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and HAV Board Member.

In 2011 when the Parade lost the support of its original nonprofit organization,  disabled Vietnam War veteran Rick Romley, sprung into action. As a returning veteran from that unpopular war, he knew what it felt like to be humiliated when you cam back home.

Vowing to never return to those dark times, Romley stood up and took the lead in creating our new nonprofit, Honoring America’s Veterans. Our primary focus is to present the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade each year on Veterans Day.

His fellow veterans were quick to join in and support his efforts. So were family members who had sons and daughters deployed in current conflicts. In their own priceless way, they could personally attest to the rigors of war and the challenges of military service. They knew first hand the impact military war time service had on their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, wives, and husbands. At the Parade, they could see healing. A return to dignity. Honor. Respect. The community rally of “Thank You Veterans” was able to give their veterans a chance to heal.

From 2011 to today, we present the parade each year on Veterans Day. In so doing, we continue to positively touch the lives of our nation’s veterans.

Like other organizations, Honoring America’s Veterans shares personal stories of Veterans and active duty members that most people may never meet. Our military is about one percent of the population, while our veterans comprise about seven percent.

These are the men and women who left their homes, families, and friends to serve our country. Their stories are amazing. In our eyes, they are all heroes. We believe they deserve our recognition, our support, our gratitude. That’s why Honoring America’s Veterans exist. We hope you will join us in our journey to thank our veterans, to honor them, and to recognize them for defending the freedoms we enjoy.

Phoenix Veterans Day Parade

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