HAV is seeking program support volunteers

April is National Volunteer Month, and we’re reaching out to our community to see if you will help us touch the lives of our nation’s veterans.

Volunteering is one of the most selfless acts of service you can do for others. Plus, there’s no more incredible feeling than knowing you helped make a difference.

The spirit of volunteerism is deeply rooted in a culture of caring for each other and the community. Take Tom Callinan, who has been volunteering for Honoring America’s Veterans by supporting the High School Essay Competition.

“I’ve always been interested in writing which led me to my career as a writer and managing editor. As a Vietnam veteran, I support those who gave a portion of their lives to defend our freedoms. Now, I get to help high school students in the state learn about our military and veterans and how their commitment to our country keeps us free. It’s an enriching program to oversee,” says Callinan.

“Words cannot express our gratitude for our volunteers,” says HAV President Brian Ishmael. “Any time is the right time to come together, give back, and make a difference. After all, our studies show a “thank you” to our veterans goes a long way,” he added.

HAV has several programs which need additional volunteers, including:

  • Veterans Forum: This event allows veterans to network and build camaraderie among Veterans Engagement Groups, Veterans Resource Groups, and Veterans Affinity Groups within organizations. This program takes place around Flag Day, June 14. Volunteers are needed to help with outreach, decorations, and networking activities.
  • Veterans Grand Marshal’s Program: Each year, seven veterans from each conflict from World War II to the present day get to represent their era of veterans as Parade Grand Marshals. With more than 500,000 veterans in Maricopa County, this is a great way to engage veterans from numerous sectors. Volunteers are needed to help share information on the program when it opens, judge the entries, and support the announcement of the selectees at an event. Honorees ride in the parade and receive additional benefits.
  • High School Essay Competition: This program strives to engage high school students statewide to learn more about our nation’s veterans by writing essays on their service to our country. Students must incorporate the parade theme in their writings, interview veterans or their family members (if deceased), tell their stories, use correct grammar and spelling, and submit the entry online. Judges are needed to review the essays, and we need help getting the word out to all the schools.
  • Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance Ceremony: HAV aims to keep the memory of this important date alive by hosting an annual event at Wesley Bolin Plaza. On December 7, 1941, Japanese bombers attacked the USA, causing horrific destruction to our naval forces stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Although only a few remaining military members survived this battle, the memory of this historic battle lives on. We remember that day by paying our respects with wreath placements, speakers, and other activities at the USS Arizona Memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza. This team needs help with community outreach, event management support, and publicity.

As you can see, we have many opportunities for you to touch the lives of our veterans. Please volunteer today by emailing paula@pedene.com. But hurry; these support teams must get set up by the end of May.