U-Haul to lead Phoenix Veterans Day Parade as Business Community Grand Marshal on Behalf of William E. “Hap” Carty

Each year, the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade chooses amongst the 511,000 veterans in Maricopa County to have the honor of serving as Veterans Grand Marshals in the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. This year, there are two levels of distinctive marshals and one of them is in honor of a U-Haul pioneer Hap Carty. Carty, who passed away in June of this year, is an inspiration to us all. Hap and U-Haul will serve as the Business Community Grand Marshal this year. For years, U-Haul has been recognized as a veteran friendly employer. This is likely due to the fact that their founder, William Schoen was a World War II Veteran. We are honored to recognize them in this role in 2022 in honor of Hap Carty. 

Hap Carty

U.S. Army serviceman, World War II veteran, industry pioneer, business leader, brother, father, husband, grandfather, legacy. These are just a few ways in which “Hap” Carty was known prior to his passing in June of this year. The U-Haul founder will be represented by his company as the Business Community Grand Marshal in this year’s Phoenix Veterans Day Parade.

When “Hap”, aptly nicknamed because he was a happy child, returned from World War II on leave, his sister and brother-in-law solicited his help with their new business idea, the manufacture of trailers that could be used by families for one-way moves. Carty agreed and built the first 1- trailers on the family ranch before returning to finish his service to the Army. 

After his discharge in 1946, Hap became the first employee of U-Hhaul and went on to be a primary influence that shaped the growth of one of the greatest entrepreneurial veteran success stories in our country.

William E "Hap" Carty

Although the U-Haul headquarters had moved from Portland to Phoenix, Carty supported and spearheaded the opening of the U-Haul Technical Center in Tempe, a largely undeveloped desert at the time. The Tech Center set the stage for business expansion in the Valley. Carty ran the Tech Center and also served as Board Chariman of U-Haul International and President of U-Haul during his tenure.

Carty credits much of his success to his hiring practices. “…get them strong in the areas I’m weak in, and…work together.” Hap followed this practice throughout his career and his legacy continues through that practice. U-Haul recruits veterans, understands their value, and gives them preference in the hiring process, which has earned U-Haul recognition as a top U.S. veteran-friendly employer many times over the years.

Hap Carty spent more than half his life in the East Valley and called Tempe his home. “Hap” passed away in his home in June at the age of 95. U-Haul dedicates its participation as this year’s Business Community Grand Marshal for the 2022 Phoenix Veteran’s Day Parade, to veteran William E. “Hap” Carty, to celebrate his life, his service, and his legacy. 

Thank you, Hap. 

Read the stories of all of our Veteran Grand Marshals and Community Grand Marshals here in our continuing blog series and join us to pay tribute to all Veterans and their service to country and community at the 26th annual Phoenix Veteran’s Day Parade, Friday, November 11th at 11 a.m. For more information about the parade, visit https://honoringamericasveterans.org/2022-phoenix-veterans-day-parade/