We are a small but mighty team.

Our Leadership & Team

At Honoring America’s Veterans, our team includes one paid executive, nine board members, and 20 Parade Team volunteers.

We work together throughout the year to present the largest attended Veterans Day Parade in Arizona. The parade gathers 3,000 participants and 45,000 spectators, who converge on two miles of city streets in central Phoenix on Veterans.

The Parade team coordinates several functions to create a safe and successful parade., including:

  • Staging: Coordinate all the entries in an organized fashion in three different areas and then move them in sequence to begin their march down the parade route.
  • Logistics: Coordinates getting supplies on the route to ensure safety measures for all who attend and participate. The Logistics function includes placement of port-o-johns, water, first aid stations, VIP seating, support at the Show Mobile, and much more.
  • DeStaging: Coordinate getting the entries off the streets and back to their cars or on their way home safely. This function involves traffic flow at the end of the parade and directing it in four different directions.
  • Ancillary Support: These roles include Helium Balloon Coordination, set up and support for the Sponsor VIP area, Parade March, Honor Our Heroes Veteran Grand Marshal Competition, Veterans Parade Essay Competition, Band recruitment and support, Publicity, and much more.

Parade marching bandSeveral of our Parade Team volunteers continue to come back year after year to donate their time to host this moving tribute. You might work with them or see them in their jobs, and we hope that when you do, you can say “thank you” to them for helping us to honor and recognize our veterans.

  • Staging: Gail Chapman and the American Express Volunteers
  • Logistics: Jeff Abrahamson and Robin Wackerfuss, Ranger Pest Control
  • DeStaging: Stuart Burns, Bank of America
  • Sponsor VIP: Kristina Moss and Nora Moss, Spectacular Entertainment
  • Veteran Grand Marshals: Jessica Hutson, University of Phoenix
  • Essays: Anne Enos
  • Balloons: Bruce Lawson, American Airlines
  • Parade March: Don Reed; Mike Martinez, University of Phoenix
  • Publicity: Mike Phillips, Phillips Public Relations; Paula Pedene, Paula Pedene & Associates.
  • Awards and Judging: Kristina Moss and Nora Moss, Spectacular Entertainment
  • Graphic Design: Carlos Soto, Illustrated Graphics
  • Photography: Bill Pedene, Bill Pedene Photography
  • Parade Coordinator, Paula Pedene, Executive Director, Honoring America’s Veterans