Honor Our Heroes Veterans Grand Marshal Competition Now Open for Applications

Do you have a military veteran you would like to recognize in the annual Honor Our Heroes campaign?

Now is the time to submit your nomination for that deserving Veteran.  HAV will select seven “Honor Our Heroes” recipients whose military service ranges from World War II to the present.  As honorees, these veterans will serve as Grand Marshals in the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade.

Nominations are due by August 22, 2022.

Guidelines for nominations include:

1. Depict the Veteran’s era of service. World War II − 1941 to 1945

  • The Korean War − 1950 to 1953
  • The Vietnam War − 1958 to 1975
  • Cold War − 1945 to 1991
  • Desert Storm − 1990 to 1991
  • Operation Enduring Freedom − 2001 to ongoing
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom − 2003 to 2011

2. Denote any medals, ribbons, combat actions/or special efforts of recognition. These may include gallantry, distinguished service, commendation, achievement, etc. You can find the list in order of precedence here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awards_and_decorations_of_the_United_States_Armed_Forces.

3. Include a written nomination submission explaining why this Veteran deserves this recognition. Submissions must be at least 200-350 words. The submission must include:

  • Branch of service
  • Why did the Veteran choose to serve in the military?
  • What type of work did the Veteran do while in service?
  • What lessons did they learn from military service that helped them lead their lives today?
  • Any notable conflicts or operations in which they were chosen to participate?
  • Any unique stories they can share about their military service.
  • What patriotism do they find now after serving.
  • Any veteran engagement they currently undertake to support the community.

The written submission is the most compelling documentation that helps the judges understand why selecting a particular person is essential.  Please take time to ensure we can learn more about your Veteran, their military calling, and how their service touched their lives.

Please connect with your nominee on their medals, ribbons, etc.

If selected, the Veteran must be able to easily travel to the Metro Phoenix area to participate in the Parade on November 11, 2022 and participate in other events.

As a nominator, you get to be a part of the action.  All nominees of the Honor Our Heroes selectness get a VIP seat at the Parade, attend the awards banquet, and become special guests at other activities.

As a nominator, we need you to include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Disclaimer:  Nominations become the property of HAV and will be retained in the HAV archival web library.  The review team will select one first-place honoree for each era of service and one alternate.  Each selectee and substitute must provide military service proof via a valid DD214 or other official military service documents. 

 Each selected nominee will be recognized at the 2022 Phoenix Veterans Day Parade and any associated events. They will also be highlighted in the Parade Program and the HAV social media pages.

 HAV reserves the right to change or alter this event or activity due to public health or other national, personal, or business issues that may impact our nonprofit.

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