2nd Place

 Ruby Price – 11th grade, Shadow Ridge High School; Teacher: Stacy Roberts


Much is forgotten to history. Sucked into the fleeting oblivion of human memory that causes a life-changing event for some to be non-existent for others. The service of Cold

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MEET OUR MARSHALS: HeroZona Grand Marshall Alan Powell (AP)

Alan Powell is an entrepreneur, consultant and philanthropist. He graduated from Suda E. Butler Traditional High School in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1986, attended College of Coastal Georgia for Physical Education, and transferred to Missouri Valley College on a basketball scholarship in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in sports administration. He enlisted for three years in

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MEET OUR MARSHALS: Cold War Grand Marshal Bernard O’Keefe

Bernie O’Keefe was in his first semester in college and “wasn’t crazy about it,” as he puts it. He wanted to start his life and wanted direction, particularly because things were getting pretty serious with his girlfriend, Pat (with whom O’Keefe just celebrated 45 years of marriage). “I am the oldest of 10 kids,” he

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MEET OUR MARSHALS: Veteran Community Grand Marshal Carol Culbertson

A native of Honolulu, Hawaii, Captain Culbertson – attracted by the challenge of serving in the military, something none of her female relatives had ever done – was recruited by the U.S. Navy in 1963 into a communications unit while a student at the University of Hawaii. By graduation time, she was promoted to Petty

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MEET OUR MARSHALS: Operation Iraqi Freedom Grand Marshal Richard Arnold

Rick Arnold has had a long military career as a helicopter pilot. When he joined the military, he was looking for educational opportunities. He knew the military would offer great training and would be an excellent job recommendation on his resume. Arnold originally joined the Air Force and trained as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist. He

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MEET OUR MARSHALS: Celebrity Grand Marshal Loretta Swit

Few actresses can capture the imagination of generations of audiences with the certainty and charm of Loretta Swit*. As quick-witted, impassioned Major Margaret Houlihan of television’s most honored series, “M*A*S*H,” Ms. Swit became an American icon and, with its popularity now in worldwide syndication, new fans continue to enjoy her lavish portrayal of the sensuous,

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MEET OUR MARSHALS: Desert Storm Grand Marshal John Scott

“You’d be surprised what an impact you can make, helping one veteran at a time.” Retired Major General John Scott assists disabled warriors in adaptive sports programs, and is active with Crosiers youth and veteran outreach missions. “Sometimes they just need a hand around their shoulder, and being told they’re loved.”

Scott gave nearly four decades

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